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All about Bee Aware

Updated: May 29, 2020

We are BeeAware, a group of four 4th year student in Dundalk Institute of technology studying Communications in Creative Media and Multimedia.

Introduction to BeeAware:

For this project we are intending to inform and to raise awareness on negative human activity effecting and destroying ecological communities. We will be doing this by focusing on one specific ecological community which are bee colonies. Bees make a huge contribution to our eco-system in almost every aspect. For example, they support the growth of plants like flowers and trees which provide support for other animals. They play a huge part in in ecosystems in basic and complex ways that we personally feel as a group aren’t voiced enough. However, it has come to our attention that climate change due to human activity is affecting our ecosystems rapidly. Especially focusing on the bees, they are starting to deplete here in Ireland and around the world. Bee habitat loss, loss of bee friendly flowers, harmful pesticides being used are causing bee depletion and bee colony collapse. We as a group want to inform how bees affect our environment and how through human activity, we affect bees negatively.

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