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BeeAware: Aims and Objectives

Updated: May 29, 2020

Our Aims and Objectives for BeeAware

The aim of this project is to educate and inform people using social media to attempt to influence their actions and behaviours towards negative human activity by highlighting the damaging affect they are having on the life cycle of a bee. Most of these actions people would not even be commonly aware of. This had been implemented through a social media campaign, which leads the user back to a host website containing infographics, professional opinion videos and information packs. In turn we want to educate people about the importance bees have in the environment and show them what will happen in a world without bees.

Our objectives for this project it to conduct and gather research so that implement and pass on to others, we have read articles, books and watched documentaries surrounding bee life and the environment. Social media is a huge part of our project, so therefore we have researched what are the key components to a successful social media campaign, most included; clear and concise content, catchy phrases, relatable posts and a slogan/logo. Another objective we have for this project is to use a professionals knowledge about bee life in order to spread reliable information.

Our desired outcome for this project is a change in attitude among students and the general public, even if only a small amount, towards the importance of the environment and more specifically how important bees are to everyday life.

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